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Sir Patrick Cormack FSA.MP

Written by Sir Patrick Cormack Thursday, 22 March 2007


"The Park Home Residence Action Alliance is doing invaluable work in seeking to protect residents from the activities of unscrupulous and oppressive site owners. It is very sad that at the beginning of the 21st century there are still people who behave like the infamous Rachman. The law is being tightened to deal with them, but change cannot come a moment too soon, and there will be a continuing need for a vigilant body such as PHRAA"

PHRAA Main Patron, Sir Patrick Cormack FSA MP

Ken Purchase MP. John Grogan MP. Julia Goldsworthy MP. David Borrow MP. Angela Browning MP.

Written by Ron Joyce Editor   
Friday, 03 October 2014

For an in depth report on the Proposed New Park Rules Consultation please click on to PHRAA NEWS Edition 17 published on Saturday 4th October 2014   www.parkhomesphraanews.co.uk.   All vital information you need to know

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 October 2014 )
Latest Information and 11/12 accounts
Written by Joan Williams   
Thursday, 02 August 2012
Information and 2011/2012 Accounts.

Just to inform our readers that due to technical problems (which we hope will be rectified as soon as possible) our latest news is to be found on the PHRAA NEWS site www.parkhomesphraanews.co.uk
Also the accounts for 2011/12 have been completed and if anyone would like a copy please send a stamped addressed envelope to the treasurers address found on the website.

Joan Williams
Phraa Treasurer

Dear Readers  Please click onto our sister website www.parkhomesphraanews.co.uk  where we regularly publish our latest up to date news as to what is going on in the park home industry and on the park home sites nationwide. There are some good stories and I know that Ron Joyce would like to hear from anyone who has something to inform him about or generally just to "get it off your chest", all done in the strictest confidence. Happy reading Joan

Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 October 2012 )
Welcome to the website of the Park Homes Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA)
Written by Ron Joyce (General Secretary)   
Sunday, 05 November 2006

As stated above PHRAA works exclusively for Park Home Owners. Phraa DOES NOT advise or help Park (Site) Owners never has and never will, we are a residents association for our members and not following the trend of other associations who are sitting on the fence advising both home owners and site owners. We are here to help and advise members living in Park (Mobile) Homes. Do not feel alone, contact us and we will try to do our best even if it only just to listen, never ever feel that you have no one to talk to, one of us is always here at the end of a phone or we will get back to you as soon as possible.
An ARBITRATOR is a person who sits on the fence listening to both sides of an argument and helping both parties to come to an agreement. Why would members of a residents association give you donations to sit on the fence as you are always going to have conflicting interests with the other side and you will always be seen as an informer for the other side.
Ask yourself as a Park Home (Mobile Home) owner do you want to belong to an association who sits on the fence or one who FIGHTS for your rights and NOT for the rights of Site owners, which seems to be the case nowadays. It appears that Site owners have everything in their favour and we as home owners have nothing, 2nd class citizens as one of our site owners loves to call us.

Can anyone explain why our PM Gordon Brown should think that it is important to push legislation through parliament regarding the sale of out of season fruit and vegetables, see the SUN newspaper Friday May 2008 ,resulting in Chefs being heavily fined, when the very idea of park home owners (mobile home owners), coming under the Housing Act is aboherrant to him and his ministers. They will not give us an answer as to why they do not want us protected but are quick enough to inform us that our homes are classed as chattels not houses. When did eating asparagus in December become more of a crime than elderly disabled residents being bullied out of the sale of their homes?

Read the latest news in the sections headed NEWS and WARNING BULLETINS. these were added 5 July 08 and make for CHILLING reading NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED but sadly all true and happening to home owners now. It is in your interest to read them all and contact us with any comments you have.

Official Members of the All Party Working Group for the walfare of Park Home Owners. 


The PHRAA website is the only national residents association or Park Home Trade Organisation completely open to view. This website is not restricted to members only, all information supplied here is the plain unvarnished truth, no exaggeration, noexcuses, no waffle; we adhere to the facts only.


ImageAfter many months of discussions, and fully supported by Sir Patrick Cormack MP and Mr Ken Purchase MP, PHRAA was launched in April 2002. Nationally we felt that there was a real need for a Radical New Residents Association, one which was willing to put its neck on the line and fight for justice without fear or favour for the rights of parkhome owners everywhere. 

PHRAA has advised and assisted an ever growing number of MP's, local councils, solicitors, charities such as Age Concern, and Help the Aged, earning recognition, respect and support which in turn helps our members.

ImagePHRAA is an entirely voluntarily association with all of our officers living on parks, having first hand experience and a full understanding of the problems suffered by fellow residents. Whether you already own a park home or are considering purchasing one (don't buy until you read our website), PHRAA is here to help or just to listen!!!!!! Don't feel alone. Together we have the most powerful weapon, "People Power"

PHRAA the first emergency service for Park Home Owners.

Please view our Guide to Buying a Park Home

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